Halloween Surprise

I thought I would surprise my boyfriend with some new Halloween plants. I bought these cute buckets from the dollar store (the green one even glows in the dark). I then drilled holes into the buckets for drainage and viola holiday planters. I picked a dramatic deep red Mum and a white one for a seasonal look. The total price for the price for the buckets and plants was $4.50.

Halloween Suprise

I also couldn’t resist the cheap herbs they had for sale. I planted them in the fifty cent planters I bought at the local thrift store. The herbs where just a dollar and it was very difficult just buying three. I bought a mini basil because we use it all the time in the kitchen as well as lavender and sage.

New Plants






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  1. Simon Avatar

    And what a festive suprise it was! 🙂

  2. […] year’s Halloween surprise was two small chrysanthemum plants in Halloween buckets. As the season progressed I received a small […]

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