Carnation Love

I planted carnations from seed a few months ago and I was getting a little concerned because they where growing out a little funky. The plant looks more like a spider plant with long branches that hang over their planters. I was about to cut it down so it looked more like the bushy varieties I see at the store. But then I noticed that they were about to bloom and I held back. So far I’ve had two blooms but more are on the way. One is the palest pink and the other a deep red. Unlike the grocery store variety they have a spicy, clove scent. I have three in pots right now and I’m anxious to see what colors they will be. They were pretty easy to grow and I bet if I was more diligent and pruned them better they would be a little sturdier. But you have to admit the blooms are still pretty.

Homegrown carnations






2 responses to “Carnation Love”

  1. Chara Michele Avatar

    Those are very pretty flowers!

  2. tasha. Avatar

    Your foliage/flowers/fauna/loveliness? Remains to be some of the most inspiring photos I’ve seen in a looong time.

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