Weekend Gardening Projects

My weekend project was to move my now giant cosmo plants and stunted zinnias out of their pots and into the back of the garden. Wow, did these guys need to get out of those pots they had do much roots. The zinnias are now starting to bloom (finally) and the cosmos seem much happier. The only problem I have now is that the garden looks very bare. Does anyone have any ideas for smaller, lower flowers. I was think dahlias and carnations. But I want lots of variety.
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4 responses to “Weekend Gardening Projects”

  1. Belém Avatar

    beautiful ladybird picture

  2. Sarah Avatar

    I LOVE this picture, too!

  3. Emily Avatar

    great picture!!

  4. Michelle Avatar

    That is a very cute picture. I love ladybugs too. We have alot in our garden and I check on them every day.

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