Road Trip!

Today has been a flurry of cleaning, shopping, and last minute packing for our big trip. We are heading down to San Francisco at 2:30 AM to catch a flight to Georgia. Once there we will be driving across country back to California.
Here’s a map of our journey. I appreciate any travel trips, anyone have any suggestions?

Road Trip






2 responses to “Road Trip!”

  1. Miss Sassy Avatar

    Bring a cooler and load with water and your favorite beverage. Once you hit Texas, follow the old Route 66 route and make some fun stops. Once you hit Arizona, go to the Grand Canyon. Meander down to Sedona if you have time. Enjoy yourself – road trips are great!

  2. Chara Michele Avatar

    That is quite the long trip! I would definitely bring a cooler and load it with some of your favorite sodas or juices. Way cheaper than buying some at a gas station. Enjoy the trip!

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