Lovely Dahlias

The tulips and daffodils have now faded and are starting to hibernate. Time to bring out the bright and colorful late spring flowers.
We bought a few annuals such as peonies at Home Depot last weekend. However my favorite new flower is the dahlias . Last year we had these bright red ones.
Playing with new camera

I was planning on getting more of these but I spotted these incredible Dahlia’s at Home Depot this weekend. They are three different colors and while the plant is small they have multiple blooms.

I seriously want more, they had another version with shades of yellow, reds, and oranges. But I wouldn’t mind having more of these purple ones.






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  1. Ari (Baking and Books) Avatar

    Dahlias are beautiful flowers and the colors of these ones are especially nice. You make me want to run off to Home Depot to see if I can find some like that around here!

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