This weekend I swung by my mom’s house to wish her a Happy Mother’s day. I had intended to give her a portrait of her beloved dog Amy. Amy is an older dog she rescued from the SPCA where she works in her spare time. Despite being older and having cancer Amy is still a happy dog who loves to snuggle and toss around her various stuffy toys. She is especially bright (she can unlock her crate with her paws) and fun loving. However, she is apparently camera shy. I attempted pictures outside, inside, I used treats, commands, but alas I could only get slightly blurry pictures.







2 responses to “Diva”

  1. Nynke Avatar

    Even though your pictures might be a bit blurry, the last one is very very cute! That sweet doggie face melted my heart 🙂

  2. Chara Michele Avatar

    That last one is cute! Animals are tricky to get pictures of sometimes… I tried with my friend’s dog a few weeks ago and my aunt & uncles dog the other day and all of them were blurry because the dogs just wanted to run around and play.

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