Get Ready for Your Close up

Neighbor's front yard flower

I am stuck in the office doing complicated, boring data entry work. I would rather be outside sipping lemonade. Here are some of my favorite macro shots of flowers I have found out and about.


When I don’t get a chance to play in my garden I like to check out other garden pages.

Skippy’s Vegetable Garden– I love this site, Skippy is his faithful Portuguese Water dog who looks after his impressive vegetable garden.

Wizer– is located in the UK and she has some unique ideas (wine bottles to raise the garden beds) as well as tutorials (newspaper pots).

Yarnstorm– I was looking at her page for ideas when I discovered her tulip garden. Wowza, she has so many different varieties of tulips. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. I loved going through her photos of her gardening process as well as the fruits of her labor.







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