Vintage Style

I have always loved old movies when I was growing up they would show all the great black and white films late at night. I would carefully sneak downstairs when everyone else was in bed and watch them. I was just entranced by the glamor and beauty of the period. Their hair, makeup and clothes where all perfectly put together. I was surprised to find so many sites that are dedicated to the fashion and style of earlier eras. It a guilty pleasure of mine to look at the vintage websites and imagine myself as an old movie starlet.

To start with you must have perfect hair- Want finger waves ala Mryna Loy or Jean Harlow? She’s a Betty has a great how-to article.

If you want to do your make up like your favorite starlit check out Kevin Aucoin’s Book Face Foward

I personally enjoy looking at all the old dresses and accessories from the 30-60’s. There are several options for vintage clothing. You can look at local thrift stores for a items and fabrics. Every once in a while you make strike gold and find some classic patterns. Patterns and clothing can also be found on Ebay.


Some of my favorite vintage sites include
Alley Cat Vintage – which has items from 19th century- 1970’s.

Vintage Martini– also has a wide range of vintage clothing and accessories.

I also love finding the classic patterns the designs on the packages are so classy and elegant.
Sovintagepatterns has patterns that look like they came straight out of an Audrey Hepburn movie.

There is also the Vintage Pattern Library which has a selection of patterns from 20’s and 30’s.

Decades of style also has great patterns for clothes and accessories.

There also some great sites where individuals make and sew vintage patterns and modernize them.
The site Sew Retro is dedicated to individuals making there own vintage clothing from patterns and fabrics. They have a great number of contributers so it’s interesting to see so many people make these beautiful clothes and modernize them for today.

Dress a Day is a site in which is dedicated purely dresses and dress making.

Then there is an interesting site called Wardrobe Refashion in which individuals pledge for a set period time (2 months -1 year) not to buy new clothes but to renovate, refashion and recycle preloved items. I love seeing what people do with the patterns and old clothes. I also love the various thrift store finds.






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