Cucumber Thief

Don’t let those big puppy eyes fool you this is a vegetable thief. Apparently, the fence we put around the vegetable garden was the equivelant of the sneeze guard at the buffet. You know it’s there but it really doesn’t serve any real purpose. Jack can manage to squeeze his 50 pound body through the holes of the fence where he then snacks on the cucumber plants. We bought some additional supplies this weekend that will hopefully keep him out in the future.







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  1. Chara Michele Avatar

    Oh but that must be the cutest vegetable thief ever! His eyes are gorgeous:) Is he your puppy?

  2. Bonnie Avatar

    Haha! I’m a first time commenter plus I’m putting a link here so I know I’m getting sent to moderation. (Every time that happens it feels like detention back from the high school days and also tells me “get out of lurkdom”.)

    I have a potato thief. During the summer time she is usually a chives thief and sometimes a cucumber thief. I didn’t put in a garden last year due to the really extreme weather we had … my first summer without a garden in 6 years. It was also the first summer I had Annie and she chewed all of the tops off my spring flowers, constantly raided my chives and sage that come back yearly, and used the empty raised beds for her obstacle courses. This year I have another dog. Della likes to use my empty raised beds like her own personal playground equipment.

    Both fur babies are under 20-lbs. I have no clue what to do because I really, really want to put a garden back in this year. I don’t want to put in chain link to protect the garden because it looks too institutional and my whole yard is already surrounded by it. I’ve thought about other fencing, but I know those two hooligans and their “if there’s a will, there’s a way” attitude.

  3. nkristis Avatar

    Chara, yes, that’s my dog Jack. He usually a well behaved dog unless it involves barking or getting food.

  4. nkristis Avatar

    Hi, I saved your comment moderation purgatory. Your little guys sound like quite the characters. The image of your pug helping himself to the garden goodies is too funny. Who knew dogs would think chives where so tasty. This is my first year growing a garden so I am learning as I go along. We are trying to put netting around the the existing fence. It’s hard to find stylish fencing for the garden.

  5. Debbie Avatar

    Awwwww, now how could a face like that possibly be guilty of theft??

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