Taking a Stab At Craftiness

When I told my friend Amy that I was going to attempt to teach myself to knit she thought it was a great idea and wanted to join in on the fun. Last week during our lunch break we sat in her cubicle over our Wendy’s lunch and matching pink knitting needles. Our first attempt was less than successful. It went something like this.

Instructions “Make a slip knot over the needle”

Me:”Is this a slip not”

Amy:”Um, no this IS a slip knot, oh no wait the knot isn’t slipping”

We then refer to the internet on how to do a slip not then we both hit our foreheads and say”oh that slip knot. ”

Then we attempt the next step of wrapping yarn between fingers and thumb and then wrapping the needle. I think Amy got a little ahead of me but I have a slight handicap since I am left handed.

Before we knew it our lunch hour was over and we didn’t even finish the  “casting on” portion of the tutorial.

If anyone has some knitting advice or know of any podcasts or videos for knitting please send them my way. I would appreciate it.






3 responses to “Taking a Stab At Craftiness”

  1. tasha. Avatar

    You know, I crochet and knit right-handed, though I am also a proud lefty. For some reason, it just seemed physically to make more sense doing it right-handed, not to mention nearly ever resource is for right-handed knitting/crochet so it makes find info a lot easier. Then again, as a kid I learned guitar right-handed for the same reason, so maybe doing tasks like that with my right hand isn’t as difficult because of that. Even though I must admit, I have a secret hidden with that I did all of those things left-handed. 🙂

    Btw, Knitting Help is an awesome resource with videos, if you haven’t stumbled across it yet.

  2. nkristis Avatar

    Thanks Tasha, I am going to give knitting another try this weekend where I’ll have more time.
    I may have to look into those videos.

  3. heather Avatar

    micheal’s does cheap intro classes
    they also have a knitting show on cable…hone and garden channel I think?

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