Fern Canyon

FErn Canyon
Sigh, to much work and one too many jobs is keeping me from starting some new crafty projects. I thought I would share with you a special place I visited last summer. Hidden in Northern California is a stunning, lush canyon covered in ferns and vegetation.  Fern Canyon is straight out of a Jurrassic Park Movie (Jurrassic Park 2 filmed a scene here). trickling stream
The trail itself is easy the most difficult part is crossing the small stream that passes through the canyon. It took us about forty five minutes to walk through the canyon and snaps a few pictures.
Valley of the Ferns
The trail is so beautiful my photos and camera do not give it justice. If you are traveling through this area I strongly suggest you make a stop to this unique spot.






5 responses to “Fern Canyon”

  1. Nynke Avatar

    Wow, it’s very pretty out there. And your photo’s very pretty too. I’m very jealous at you to have so much beautiful nature, we don’t have that around here.

  2. Belém Avatar

    These photos are just beautiful. So peaceful.

  3. nkristis Avatar

    Thank you, the Northern California Redwoods area is so beautiful. This trip was the first time I had a chance to visit there and I can’t wait to go back.

  4. Debbie Avatar

    Breathtaking. No words to even describe.

  5. Christine Avatar

    umm..don’t you mean the movie Dirty Dancing (it totally looks like the scene where they practice on the log!)

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