Addicted to Crafty Sites

I find myself on a daily basis browsing and admiring all the talented crafters available on the web. Not only do they continue to inspire but many of them include tutorials to help others. Some of they favorites I found today was

One Red Robin– she has a tutorial on how to make a soft versatile Doll “Ruby”

Craftapple- has a great purse pattern. Much better than the ones in a book I checked out recently.

Doggedknits– has an adorable pattern for knitting a baby head warmer. I also like this site because her dog, Bailey, looks like Jacks’ long lost brother.
Craftydaisies– has a number of tutorials/patterns from the dog bed (It’s on my list of to do projects), a child backpack, and a crochet hook case (great gift).

My list of projects just keeps getting longer and longer but I can’t start them unless I disconnect from the internet.






2 responses to “Addicted to Crafty Sites”

  1. lindiepindie Avatar

    I’m honored to be on your list! Thanks. And, ahem, I need to get off the computer as well. Happy crafting!

  2. Ashley Avatar

    Wow–they are TWINS! Amazing! I thought that _was_ Bailey for a second!

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