Bread is a big staple in my life. I survived college by eating lots of toast and cold cereal. I was so excited when I received this Hello Kitty Toaster last Christmas. This is no ordinary toaster it actually imprints the image of Hello Kitty onto every beautiful piece of toast. Unfortunately, my boyfriend thinks it clashes with the kitchen decor.

Ofcourse Disney does not like to be outdone. They have a toaster which not only imprints Mickey’s face onto your toast it plays the Mickey Mouse March as it toasts. This might be great if you have kids. But my mental state in the morning could not handle a cheerful singing toaster.


Now if Mickey and Hello Kitty are not your thing. I have something for you. Fulfill your inner rock star diva with this Goth Toaster. It imprints skull and cross bones on your toast.






4 responses to “Toasters”

  1. Simo Avatar

    Hey now, I never said that!

  2. lindiepindie Avatar

    Hello Kitty is definitely my favorite! And I have kids and let me say NO WAY to the Mickey Mouse. There is so much noise in this house that I don’t need any extra! And how can Hello Kitty clash with anything??? :o)

  3. beki Avatar

    Oh my, those are so cool! I especially like the Hello Kitty one.

  4. nkristis Avatar

    Thanks guys, the Hello Kitty one is awesome and it’s a bargain at 15.00 dollars.

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