T-shirt Quilts


Do you have a stack of old college t-shirts that are being unused? Wildzipper.com  is a company that will make your t-shirts into a quilt.  I think it’s great to find new ways to recycle. I think ideally this is best for people who may have a huge band concert t-shirt collection or a sports team fanatic.  But I was looking at my collection of t-shirts and I just don’t think they are quilt worthy.  My shirts tend to get stained very quickly or I tend to buy cheesy t-shirts like my two favorites Wonder Woman and Charlies Angels. These are great to wear on the weekend I just don’t know if it fits into our living room decor.






2 responses to “T-shirt Quilts”

  1. Arnold Layne Avatar
    Arnold Layne

    Give me one of them damn thangs

  2. Finlay Richardson Avatar

    room decors in our home are usually coming from China and Thailand, we like to have some asian decors on our home.-*,

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