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Elephants of My Childhood

When I was little I loved the movie Dumbo. I watched that movie over and over again until I wore out the VHS tape. My love of Dumbo quickly extended to all things elephant. I had the biggest collection of elephant stuffed animals. When I […]

Extreme Sock Monkey Love

I have been working on my own sock animal creations when I spotted this sock monkey dress on Shelterrific. Rebecca Yaker’s feat of sock monkey design was created using 30 monkeys and it was featured in the Walker Un-Prom Event . My prom days are […]

Sweetheart Teacups

I am not a tea drinker but I this tea cup I spotted on Neatorama caught my eye. It is subtly shaped to form a heart. Maybe I could use it for espresso. Available on Bits and Pieces.

Score at the Thrift Store

While hunting for gardening and craft goodies I spotted the ultimate thrift store find. It’s the 1963 version The Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book for the Hostess and Host of Tomorrow. Flipping through this book is like looking into a time capsule. There […]

High Tech Flower Pots

I am on a quest for stylish flower pots for my new plants. I spotted these on NotMartha. It’s the Eva Solo Self Watering flowerpots. It has a clear base so you can gage the water level.

Magritte Mac

If you are one of those lucky people who are fortunate to have a Mac powerbook now you can make it even more special. Using laser etching your Mac powerbook can replicate theĀ  surrealist Rene Magritte’s materpiece. Found via magpieandcake

Fish Bowl Bookends

Look at this cool find, they are fish bowl bookends available for a limited time on It’s a fish bowl split in half and can be used as an aquarium.

Best Invention Ever!

Isn’t this brilliant? I found this story on neatorama. It’s a pizza vending machine. The machine makes five different pizzas in two minutes. It would make lunch so much easier.

Teacups that just get better and better

Bethan Wood is a graduate student who created the perfect teacups. These teacups actually get prettier with age. The tea cups gradually create a pattern with repeated uses. The interior surface of the cup is treated so as it stains a pattern is created. She […]