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  • Gone Sailing

    We took advantage of the warm weekend weather by heading out to Lake Berryessa. Since it’s so late in the season it was just us and a few fishing boats. The lake is so big it’s easy to imagine you have the lake all to yourself. I spotted a few deer, egrets, and geese along […]

  • Fall Sunset

  • Happy Halloween

  • Wild Life in the Suburbs

    I was walking my dog this morning and I was surprised to come across this little guy just sitting in the middle of my neighbor’s lawn. It didn’t seem to mind my photo session. I even came back to grab my camera after I dropped off the dog.

  • I did it!

    It’s the last day of NaBloPoMo and I have manged to post something for everyday this month. It was fun the last few days were the hardest because my job actually expected me to work for a change. Which limits my blogging time. I’m going to keep trying to post every weekday.