Gone Sailing

We took advantage of the warm weekend weather by heading out to Lake Berryessa. Since it’s so late in the season it was just us and a few fishing boats. The lake is so big it’s easy to imagine you have the lake all to yourself. I spotted a few deer, egrets, and geese along the water. The wind was strong enough to sail going out but it faded as we were coming back. We packed a picnic and drank some wine and ate some snacks as we coasted along the lake. Overall it was a nice relaxing day.







5 responses to “Gone Sailing”

  1. Katie Avatar

    Sounds wonderfully relaxing.

  2. ambika Avatar

    It sounds like a truly lovely trip.

  3. Lauren Stewart Avatar

    i am into sailing and i am also a diy fiberglass sailing boat enthusiasts for 5 years now. i really love sailing.`*.

  4. Bailey Singh Avatar

    i love to sail at see or on a river, sailing has been my hobby for several years already. ;*,

  5. Dylan White Avatar

    i love to sail even if we do not have our own sailboat ~`-

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