November Bloom Day

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Every month May Dreams Gardens hosts Bloom day where people from around the globe post what’s blooming in their garden. The weather this fall has been amazing. Lots of chilly nights with hot cocoa or apple cider and plenty of time around the fire pit. My garden was getting a little bare so I went on a major fall plant buying binge. I always get nervous when I buy plants around this time of year. I never know if an unsuspecting frost or heatwave will appear and wipe out all of my new plants. Initially, I played it safe by just buying a few seasonal plants. Just a six pack of snapdragons and violas.

Bloom Day snapdragons

Viola Tiger Eyes


But then I accidentally removed on of my husbands favorite plants, the felicia aethipica or Margarette daisies. Luckily, one of my favorite nurseries, Annie’s Annuals, was selling them. I bought those and then I threw in a African Bride Nigella for fun.

Annies mail order

This probably would have been enough but then I just happen to be in the neighborhood of my favorite local nursery, Talini’s. They had a great selection of new plants. Some of which were also from Annie’s Annuals. I ended up coming home with two succulents, a dusty pink  Anigozanthos or Kangaroo paw, a bright colored Linaria reticulata ‘Flamenco’, a cool black dianthus, three different poppies,  two more violas and Chrysanthemum ‘Felicia’.



Linaria reticulata ‘Flamenco’

Viola Merlot

Chrysanthemum ‘Felicia’


The garden still has some old favorites. The alyssum, roses, Mexican primrose and chrysanthemum and are all doing well. Also, the Erigeron Glaucus ‘Wayne Roderick’ that I bought last spring is really taking off as well this fall. It’s nice to finally see some color in the garden. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the frost stays away until these babies are firmly established. Happy Bloom day everyone!

Wayne Roderick
Picture 086

Bloom day

Mexican Primrose

Mexican Primrose






4 responses to “November Bloom Day”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Oh my goodness, now I want to go plant shopping! The photo of the snapdragons is so gorgeous–and pansies are my weakness this time of year. I’m terribly behind schedule–just finished planting the fall kitchen garden and still need to clean up the perennial beds before the pansies can go in. I also love Mexican primrose–do you find it invasive? It make such a nice splash in the spring, but it runs rampant through my bulbs…

    Thanks for sharing! Happy GBBD!

  2. Scott Weber Avatar

    Stunning blooms…that one blackish one is jaw-dropping! Annie’s is so great…I hope I can visit someday 🙂

  3. Weekend Cowgirl Avatar

    I love flowers and am missing all the color now that everything has frozen. Cannot wait for spring!

  4. classycareergirl Avatar

    I am sure you had a blooming day with these blooming flowers! Thanks for sharing this. I think I should also start looking some new flowers for our garden. 🙂

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