Dahlia Update


This past spring I had too much fun finding and buying different dahlia bulbs. Now they are just starting to bloom. In a few weeks this whole section will be covered in flowers. Originally I had all of my plants arranged by height and color but I made the mistake of using a smelly organic fertilizer. This fertilizer is like catnip to my dog and as soon as my back was turned he had managed to dig up half the bulbs. Needless to say, they dahlia section is a little chaotic.

This one was a bit of a disappointment. I had bought it from Dan’s Dahlias and it should have been a pom pom type dahlia. But instead I got this anemone type of dahlia. It’s pretty it’s just not what I purchased.

I bought this one this weekend at Annie’s Annuals. I didn’t need any more dahlias but after seeing this variety’s black foliage and bright blooms on The Pitcher Plant Project’s flickr page I knew I had to have it.


These three are some of the dwarf dahlias I grew from seed years ago. They loyally return despite the best efforts of my garden slugs.




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