The Art of San Francisco Fine Art Show


Back in May, Fort Mason held the first international San Francisco Art Fair in almost a decade. It featured art work from over seventy international galleries and work from more than 500 hundred artists. There was a wide range of work including photography, sculpture, and paintings. There was work from famous artists like Picasso and Butterfield along with newer, more contemporary artists.


One of Deborah Butterfield’s Horse sculptures (mixed media).
Butterfield Horse

A portrait made from recycled newspapers. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to write down the name of the artist. The gallery worker was watching me very closely and made me nervous.

Collage from Newpapers

Alyssa Monks “Circles” oil on linen.

Alyssa Monks "Circles" oil on linen

I noticed two popular themes amongst the different works. One was the use of repeating patterns and complex textures.

This work by Teo Gonzalez (acrylic on canvas) was far more impressive in person but it had layers of paint in an complex geometric pattern.

Teo Gonazlez from Richard Leo Gallery

Another popular trend was the use of red like in these two paintings.

Jun Kaneku Acrylic on Canvas
Jun Kaneku through Gebert Contempory

Painting by unknown artists, however I do remember the title as “Blue”.


In a separate building they held a free exhibit of the graduate works of MFA students from the San Francisco Art Institute. The majority of the work was conceptual art with an emphasis on large pieces.

San Francisco MFA student work

San Francisco MFA student work

These three were my favorite of the graduate work. Rachelle Youk’s work was very linear with beautiful repeating patterns.

Rochelle Youk

I liked Margaux Macallister’s organic shapes and colors.

Margaux Macallister

Lastly was an artist that used a unique medium for portraiture. Sadly, I forgot to write his name down. When looking at the piece head on you see the caricature of different faces.

The San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) 's 2010 Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Graduate Exhibition i

However when you view it from different angles you see layers of transparent materials each with a different feature of the face.

The San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) 's 2010 Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Graduate Exhibition i

The San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) 's 2010 Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Graduate Exhibition i






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  1. Helsbells Avatar

    Looks like a really cool exhibition. Good to see painting in contemporary art.

  2. Monica the Garden Faerie Avatar

    What fun! I love the newspaper portrait and the orange crosshatch painting. Don’t you hate it when guards watch too closely? I was really being watched at the Chihuly exhibit in Flint, lol. I guess they could tell I was dying to touch the pieces! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I made the connection between your name and twitter ID, finally. 🙂

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