Future Gardeners of America

Two of my sisters had babies recently. While my sisters aren’t interested in gardening. I feel it is my duty as the cool aunt to introduce them to the wonderful world of worms, dirt, and plants.
First there is little Logan, I think he will be a champion weed puller and tomato taster. He was born a mere six pounds on December 30.
Next is Allison, she was born on February 10 and was a whopping 9 pound and 8 ounces. She looks like she’ll be good at planting seeds and playing in the worm bins.
I think I’ll have them working in the garden in no time. I’m going to start by buying them a pair of overalls and gradually buy them kid safe gardening tools.

5 thoughts on “Future Gardeners of America”

  • They’re darling! They’re soo lucky to have an auntie that’ll show them how to garden. Let the parents know I said Congrats!

  • Oh, they are both just beautiful!!! What a lucky Aunt you are!!! Isn’t it nice that they already have some plans for the future set up! Must keep them happy, healthy and on the right track (gardening)!!! LOL!

  • Congratulations, Auntie. What a gang of beautiful babies. Kids are natural gardeners and these look like two of the best. I’d take them on my team anyday. Enjoy.

  • Those are most definitely the most adorable, cutest, sweetest looking babies to ever grace a blog that usually has lots of pics of plants and such. ZOMG. SO CUTE.

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