Rainy Day Gardening Projects

We have been really fortunate to get a good amount of rain this winter. I love the rainy days but it does inhibit my gardening projects. I came up with a couple ways to get my gardening fix when the weather wasn’t cooperating.
Micro Greens
Micro-greens are very young seedlings, harvested when they are just five to ten days old. They grow fine on a sunny windowsill or under a bright light. They are a fun, fast way to grow some fresh vegetables for a quick salad or garnish. Typically they are a mix of cabbage, mustard, beets, and other greens. You can make your own mixture but I used the Botanical Interests Micro Greens Mix. They have a mild and a spicy mix. I preferred the peppery flavors of the spicy variety. I simply spread seeds in a pot, covered lightly, and watered. I harvested them after two weeks. Since the seedlings are so young when you harvest them, they do not grow back. But the seed germinate so quickly, it’s really easy to start over.
Bonsai Basil
By the end of the summer I’m usually ready to leave behind my tomato and cucumber plants and embrace winter squash and vegetables. However, I’m always sad to see the basil slowly fade away. All it takes is one good frost and your basil is a mushy mess. But this year, I decided to try something different. I bought Renee’s Garden Basil Window Box seeds. This variety originates from Italy and is often seen in window boxes and containers. I sowed the seeds in an old self-watering pot, the type usually used for African violets. I placed the pot under a twenty-six watt compact fluorescent bulb and within a month I had my own little basil plant. It’s now a nice compact little bush that I can trim and use for different recipes. I will probably do two or three of these next year.

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