January Bloom Day

My January garden is a little short on blooms but I still have a few flowers here and there. This is my first ever bloom day post. I have been meaning to participate for a while but I always remember a little too late.

Right now, I have a few raggedy violas.
There are also quite a few Calendula blooms.
Here is my Robert Johnson nicotiana, it is another plant that is normally an annual but this one has been growing as a perennial for three years now.
and last but not least, Wando pea flowers.






2 responses to “January Bloom Day”

  1. Karen Avatar

    Great selections, such fresh color even if it is scanty at the moment! Welcome to Bloom Day, I am an infrequent participant but always enjoy it so much when I do join in. It’s so fun to see what everyone has going on in all the different zones and parts of the world, and also to look back, if you keep it going, on previous months and years. Look forward to seeing what you put up next time!

  2. Caroline Avatar

    The white pea flower is my favorite, and the calendula bud is a close second. I bet the nicotiana smells delightful!

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