Playing with Praying Mantis


I became a big nerd when watching the Praying Mantis in my backyard. I had one in my mint plants and another by my Black Eyed Susans. Toward the end of summer, they appeared in large amounts in my basil plants. The Thai Basil was especially popular, it was like Vegas with constant hooks ups. They seem to be disappearing with the arrival of the cooler temperatures. But, I did spot one on the eggplant, yesterday.


I’m not sure but this could be a Praying Mantis egg or maybe it’s moths. We shall see.
Friend or Foe?






4 responses to “Playing with Praying Mantis”

  1. Simon Avatar

    I think it is a praying mantis egg case for sure. Check out these pictures from google…

  2. Julie Avatar

    How cute are they…I wish I had them here…can’t find a one down this far south!!!

  3. Cindy Avatar

    Definitely mantid eggs. Looks like you have Stagmomantis limbata, a beautiful, big mantis found in California and the Southwest.

  4. ambika Avatar

    Love, love these pics. Reminds me what a little Discovery channel there is just in one’s back yard.

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