Fall’s Edible Flowers

I realized today that some of my favorite fall flowers are also edible. I have only tried of a few of these in my food. Usually I sprinkle them into my salad as a garnish. Here are a few of my favorites.

Nasturtiums: These can be sprinkled in salads. They have a slightly peppery taste to them.

Calendula: These have a long, history of being used for their medicinal and healing properties. They are used in lotions, salves, etc. I sprinkled the petals in a salad and it can be used in a tea.

Lavender: I love lavender but I must confess I don’t care for it in my food. However, some people love it in mashed potatoes, baked goods, and other treats.

Chamomile: These can be dried in the sun for a few days and then used as a tea.

These require you to blanch them first and then use them in a salad.

Violas: They can be used as decorations. I’ve seen them on cupcakes, a roast, and on greens. I stumbled upon this variety last weekend. They are called Penny Mickey violas. I remember reading about them in last year’s Sunset magazine. I just think they are so cute and they reseed extremely well.
Penny Mickey Viola
Early mums






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  1. Roya Avatar

    I’m not a HUGE fan of lavender in my food, but i mix a little bit in with my sugared strawberries (not a lot, just a little) and pour it over angel food cake with fresh whipped cream.

    This is very good. Trust me:)

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