Autumn Plans

Sweet Dumpling Squash
It’s has been beautiful here the past few weeks. The temperatures have dropped and we got not one but two rain storms. This has probably been the nicest fall weather I have experienced since I moved out here ten years ago. The garden is going through it’s awkward transition phase. I had to get rid of the tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers a month ago. The peppers which never really took off are just now starting to produce some fruit. The basil is going strong and I am eating plenty of pesto. The eggplant is just starting to fade. Now that the weather is nicer I am wanting to spend even more time outdoors. But at the same time nothing is better than attempting to bake on a rainy day. I have a few plans and goals I want to tackle this fall.
Basil and Celery taking over

* Do more walking, hiking, and biking. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I just want to crunch the leaves and look at the fall foliage.

*Learn to bake bread. So far I have made a decent attempt at pugliese and one very sad attempt at focaccia. I checked out two books at the library The Bread Bible and Bread Bakers Apprentice. Both are great but I tend to start bread at night only to realize it’s a two day process.

*Use my camera more and hone my photography skills.
*Garden, garden, garden. So far I have started peas, carrots, romaine lettuce, and spinach (which strangely bolted during the storm). But now the temperatures are consistent I am going to planting and sowing more.


* Volunteer with Harvest Sacramento an organization that harvests underutilized fruit and vegetables from public and private sources and donates it to local food assistance agencies.

*Read more now that it’s colder, I want to sit on my comfy reading chair and tackle either the bag of books in my closet, the box of books in the garage, or the list of requested books from the library. (I have a slight book collection problem)

*Update this blog on a more consistent basis.
Sweet Dumpling Squash second plant






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  1. Julie Avatar

    I just finished making a few loaves of sourdough bread…made my first sourdough starter, and I posted about it on my blog if you want to check it out!!! It was fun…but after the thrid loaf, I decided I best stop…cause it causes me to gain weight big time!!! It is really fun if you can make a healthy version of bread though, and I hope you enjoy it so much over the fall and winter!

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