Let’s Talk Cucumbers!

After we constructed the Earth Trainer for our tomatoes, I was left with half of a storage container. I thought it was best not to waste it and I turned it into a bed for my cucumbers. I placed it next to my raised bed and used one of my old tomato cages as a trellis. I am trying a new variety called Spacemaster cucumbers. This variety is great because it’s very heat tolerant and it produces cucumbers like crazy. The cucumbers are large in size as well.

In the past, I have had a terrible time with cucumbers. Last year, my original English cucumber plant died pretty early in the season so I bought the only cucumber plant I could find a lemon cucumber. I had better luck with this variety. But I didn’t think the flavor of the lemon cucumber was as good as the traditional varieties.

This summer, I thought I would grow four plants to ensure that I would have a steady amount of cucumbers. Since in the past I was lucky to get one. Wow, I wasn’t prepared for the huge amount of cucumbers I have been getting. I can’t keep up with my cucumbers. I have been harvesting four or five a day. I have been trying new recipes and have been giving them away to various friends on a daily basis.

Cucumber Bed






4 responses to “Let’s Talk Cucumbers!”

  1. Sparow Avatar

    Wow–that’s terrific. What have you been making with them? My cucumber recipes are sorely lacking.. I usually just make marinated (in a vinaigrette) slices or pickles. Ours are just starting to set fruit so it’ll be a while before they’re ripe.

  2. AnnF Avatar

    Oh, I’m jealous – my plants have just fizzled. Granted this is a record setting cool summer so far – but usually my cukes go bonkers. Finally one of my plants is flowering – but it seems like a last gasp – the leaves and vine are so tiny after all this time in the ground. Makes me wonder if I’d have better luck if I tucked in new seed.


  3. nkristis Avatar

    Sparrow- I usually blend them into a salad with a tomato in a vinaigrette. It’s the perfect summer salad.

    Ann F- I had problems with growing cucumbers directly in the ground (poor drainage). But they seem to do well in large pots or in a bed. I really like this space master variety. The other ones I tried got the same results as you have had this year.

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