Surviving A Heat Wave

Improvising shade
Last week we had a week long heat wave. The temperatures were over 105 and I had to come up with a fast way to create shade. I resorted to using my umbrella and propping it up in the bed to protect my new seedlings. My lettuce still bolted but the seedlings are still hanging in there. On the fourth day I came across one of the praying mantis. She must of been exploring this questionable object in her bed.

7 thoughts on “Surviving A Heat Wave”

  • Good idea. When it is 105… whatever works… works. We make our plants just deal with it. Our weather is so up and down and back and forth that our plants have to get tough… or deal with the consequences.

    They don’t like us sometimes. haha

  • James: Yeah, I hear you. It’s actually been unusually stable out here. Just a few hot weeks here and there but it’s felt like spring.

    Daniel/Heather: Hey, grasshoppers will eat your leaves and plants. But Praying mantis work in your garden to get rid of them. So I think they are awesome.

    Ambika: It’s like Seattle in Central California have switched locations. It’s been very mild out here when it’s usually unbearably hot.

  • The mantis made me smile. I pulled up a garbage can worth of ivy yesterday and felt like a little kid coming across all of these beetles and spiders I probably haven’t seen since I *was* a kid–not with all of the apartment living I’ve done up until now!

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