They Hatched, Praying Mantis

They Hatched!
I bought my praying mantis eggs about two months ago. The first batch were eaten by mice. The second batch I had assumed had hatched and fled. But while I was watering my plants today I spotted a mass exodus of praying mantis. The majority of them were jumping out of the pot and looking for a place of their own. I dumped one or two in the tomatoes and one in the raised bed. When I left to go back to work there were still plenty of them in the original pot. I assume there was going to be a major battle royal after I left.

Look closely, and you can spot a few.

They Hatched! Praying Mantis EGG






4 responses to “They Hatched, Praying Mantis”

  1. Julie Avatar

    How sweet! They are so adorable! I have a blogger friend over at who absolutely adores mantids! I will send her over to have a look at yours!!!

  2. Cindy Avatar

    Hi, I was directed here by Julie, because she knows I like mantids. Congrats on the hatching, and I will also say that I like your leaf-themed blog design.

  3. Burgh Baby Avatar

    Very cool! We had one living on our deck last year, but I never managed to catch him in a photo. Lots of close calls, but he always managed to escape me.

  4. Becky Avatar

    Wow! That is so cool. Where did you get the eggs? Did you have to order them online or did you buy them at a local nursery? (I found your blog via

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