Dirt Nap

Jack in the new bed.
I finally have a raised bed in the garden. As you can see Jack is inspecting the craftsmanship. The process of making the bed was surprising simple. The tricky part was filling it with the right mixture of soil. I went with a organic potting soil, perlite, and Fox Farms Ocean Potting Soil which is rich in bat guano and worm castings. I had miscalculated the amount I would need for the bed and it remained partially full for a week or two. My dog Jack, thought it was a perfect spot for sunbathing.
The Raised Bed is not A Dog Bed
Jack has been kicked out of the bed and in his place there is a nice mix of greens. There are basil plants in the first row (I am hoping they will grow well and provide more shade), followed by arugula, carrots, red sails lettuce, bibb lettuce, spinach and Merveille des Quartre Seasons lettuce. Cucumber will follow once it’s a little warmer outside. Luckily Jack is resisting the temptation to sleep in the bed now that the plants are in there.
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Raised Bed






3 responses to “Dirt Nap”

  1. Julie Avatar

    What a beautiful bed!!! All your soil fillin’s sound great also…you should get a bumper crop!!!

  2. Julie Avatar

    P.S. Keep us posted on this as it grows and show us pics!!! please. LOL.

  3. Blackswampgirl Kim Avatar

    Looks great! And Jack agrees… 🙂

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