Bolts and Blooms

We have been getting some much needed rain over the past couple of weeks. December and January were very dry so we have been very worried about upcoming drought conditions. The garden has been reacting in some unexpected ways. The rain has caused plants to bloom and sadly others to bolt. For example my pea plants have pretty delicate white flowers everywhere.
Little Marvel Pea Flower
The Marguerite daisies are also thriving.
The Robert Johnson Flowering Tobacco plant continues to bloom even though it’s an annual. Last year I grew three of these and two of them died after they flowered. However, I accidentally knocked the mass of flowers off of this one and it grew back. I keep doing this and I’m rewarded with these pretty pink flowers.
Flowering Tobacco Plants
Sadly, the rain and colder temperatures have caused some plants to bolt. The Mizuna Mustard which is supposed to be a fairly hardy plant has developed several long flower heads.
Bolted Mizuna
Three of my Broccoli Raab plants have bolted and they have been sent to the compost bin. I do however have one more plant so we shall see what happens.
Bolting Broccoli Raab
Bolting Broccoli Raab






2 responses to “Bolts and Blooms”

  1. Melanthia Avatar

    Hard to believe you have things bolting when I just barely have seedlings. You photos are great and it’s been a pleasure wandering around your site.

  2. Momisodes Avatar

    Wow! so much in bloom already. I’ve never actually tried broccoli raab. It always looks so yummy!

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