First Bulbs

Hello, out there. I’ve been hiding out between rainstorms and just getting started on my spring seedlings. While we have been very lucky to have a good two weeks of rain, spring looks like it’s just around the corner.
This year I didn’t buy any new bulbs for financial reasons. So I just kept my fingers crossed that last years flowers would grow back and hopefully multiple. The first ones to bloom are my daffodils and my crocus. But it looks like my freesia and grape hyacinth will be ready soon.






8 responses to “First Bulbs”

  1. Kylee from Our Little Acre Avatar

    It’s wonderful to see such lovely colors when we now have a coating of snow. I guess spring will be here sooner or later, but I want it sooner!

  2. Katie Avatar

    Hey! Beautiful pictures. I love bulbs because they are so reliable and swoop into bloom the moment we seem to need them the most.

    Hope you’re doing well. The blogosphere missed you in your absence!

  3. Julie Avatar

    That blue flower with orange center is exceptional! I call that a Florida “Gator” bloom!!! YEAH!!!

  4. Melanthia Avatar

    Your crocus is a brilliant color. It looks like you’re off to a great start already.

  5. Joy Avatar

    Gorgeous bright beautiful colours to feast my eyes on with all of the white white did I say WHITE ? snow we are still under : ) Thank YOU !!

  6. nkristis Avatar

    Kylee- Thanks for stopping by, I hope your staying warm under all of that snow.

    Katie- Thanks! It’s good to here from you. I love bulbs too, they are so low maintenance and are such a nice surprise when they return.

    Julie- It’s a crocus, it looks more purple in person but in pictures it has that periwinkle color.

    Melanthia- Thanks you! Welcome to

    Joy- Spring is around the corner! Sorry about all that snow.

  7. iowa gardening woman Avatar

    Lovely lovely photos, makes me even more anxious for spring.

  8. Ralph Avatar

    I had a cluster of bright blue crocus this year that I don’t remember seeing before (or planting). All my bulbs seem to be late this year. I am wondering if anyone else has this feeling. ALso I agree with Katie. Bulbs rock. Especially in my rockpile of a yard. Perennials are a crap shoot but bulbs always come through.

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