Waiting. . . Growers Challenge Update

Here are some my winter seedlings. They feel like they are taking forever to mature. I have Correnta spinach, cilantro, onions, and various lettuce seedlings.


The lettuce seedlings are going to be a mystery this year. One of the dogs decided to chew on my various bags of lettuce seeds. Leaving me with a mix of five different varieties of lettuce but no way to tell what they are until they mature.

Lettuce (Mystery)

I have to admit I did cheat a little. I wanted to get a jump start on winter greens so while my seedlings were germinating I bought Salad Bowl lettuce seedlings from the local nursery.

Salad Bowl






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  1. Julie Avatar

    Lettuces are so pretty!!! I love them! It will be fun to see what grows from the dog chewed seeds! LOL.

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