Operation Use More Chard

I have had a love/hate relationship with my Swiss Chard. On the one hand it’s beautiful plant. It has long red and yellow stalks with large leafy greens. Not only that but it requires minimal care. It grew and crowned into two additional plants without any effort from me. But at the same time I cursed it because I had so much chard and very few ideas on what to do with it. All I could do was saute it occasionally. So the chard just grew larger and wider mocking me with it’s dark green leaves. But, recently I’ve been spotting recipes and I am starting to feel inspired.

Swiss Chard!

The first recipe I used in my quest to utilize my chard was this New York Time’s recipe for “Chard and Red Pepper Gratin“. How could I resist a recipe that contained Gruyere cheese, garlic, risotto and used a hefty portion of my Swiss chard. It felt good grabbing a big armful of it from outside and bringing it indoors.

Swiss Chard

I did tweak the recipe a little, I added ground sausage and I added a full cup of risotto instead a half like the recipe said. The result of a nice hearty casserole with lovely creamy risotto and cheesy leafy greens. I think next time I am going to experiment with jalapeno to give it a little more kick.

NY Times Chard Recipe

Here is one of my Chard plants after it’s harvest and as you can see I still have plenty to work with for next time.

Swiss Chard






8 responses to “Operation Use More Chard”

  1. Philip Avatar

    That looks so good. You have inspired me…I am making your recipe for Thanksgiving!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. deb Avatar

    That recipe sounds yummy. I grind the stuff up in my food processor and hide it in chili and spagetti sauce. The family has never figured it out.

  3. Karen Avatar

    Yum! I have been trying to eat more dark leafy greens lately and I often use a Deborah Madison recipe for braised chard with cilantro and garlic, it’s pretty tasty. It’s from her “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone” – sorry, so sausage! 🙂 Side dish, not as complete as yours. My chard remains ornamental at times but like you, I’m vowing to use more of it this year!

  4. Isle Dance Avatar

    Gorgeous photos!

  5. Julie Avatar

    WOW!!! This looks devine!!!

  6. rachel Avatar

    Looks yummy to me!

  7. themanicgardener Avatar

    Loved the title–and envy all that chard! I’ll have to try this one–

    It’s also good with Indian spices, garlic, and chopped tomato.

  8. Sloane Avatar

    I sometimes make frittata with it…..and also I’ll cook it a bit with some onion and garlic…salt, pepper, dill, toss with feta and cottage cheese…and bake it in shallow dish….think Spanakopita filling but with chard…..one more suggestion….toss with a balsamic vingrette, layer in a casserole…chard-sliced tomato-avocado-crumbled turkey bacon-mild cheese-repeat…bake and/or broil to make it bubbly. I found that last idea in Organic Gardening a few years ago and it’s a favorite in my house.

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