Lemon Head

Lemon Head

Last year’s Christmas present of a Meyer Lemon tree is being greatly appreciated right now. As you can see for a little tree it’s got quite a haul of delicious lemons. If you haven’t had a a Meyer Lemon you must try one they are a great deal sweeter than Eureka (grocery store) lemons. I’m collecting recipes and have big plans for these guys.

Meyer Lemon!

Ideas and Recipes

1. LA Times article: 100 Things to do with Meyer Lemons
2. Smitten Kitchen’s Lemon Bar recipe
3. Boyfriend’s Chicken Piccata recipe (to post in the future)
4. Lemon Risotto (I’ve tried this once but not with Meyer lemons). It’s great with Seafood or chicken.
5. Lemon Infused Olive oil

There’s plenty more what do you suggest?

6 thoughts on “Lemon Head”

  • Wow! That is quite a turnout 🙂

    I’ve been incredibly behind on reading as well. So glad to see you’re lemon tree from last year is doing so well! I still remember when you first received it.

  • Color me green with envy! I tried two meyer lemon trees and they were overrun with aphids. But yours look so great I might consider trying again…

    I love meyer lemons so much I just eat them alone. Cut in half, sprinkle with kosher salt and black pepper. Something about the spiciness from the pepper that brings out the fruity flavor. I guess I also use them for lemonade and lemon based cocktails. Oh yeah and chicken piccata; meyer lemons are great in this since the recipe I use calls for thin slices of lemon in the sauce and regular lemons are bitter. Good luck!

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