Growing Mint from Cuttings

I am happy to report that mint has been effective mouse repellent in my garden. In fact I had so much success, I went a little crazy with buying mint plants. Since my last mint post, I bought an additional mojito mint plant and a nice sized chocolate mint plant. Mojito mint by the way is amazing. I can’t believe I was getting by with peppermint in my Mojitos for so long.

Another cost effective way to get mint is to grow from cuttings. I had tried this method before with my African Violets last year without success. However, I read that mint is pretty foolproof. There were two recommended methods and I thought I would do an experiment to see which method was better.

First Method: Cup of Water

1. Cut a fresh, new sprig of mint. Cut end at an angle.
2. Strip 2/3 of the leaves
3. Place in a glass with rooting hormone.

Verdict: In less than a week a mass of roots started to grow. However, the plant was sickly looking and since being transplanted it’s been growing at a slower rate.

Mint Roots

Second Method: Soil and Planting Medium

1. Repeat step one and two from prior instructions.
2. Dip in rooting hormone.
3. Place in soil and dirt mixture.
Verdict: The plants took longer to grow roots and a second set of leaves but the plant was healthier and has filled out nicely since I transplanted it.


I also tried a sand mixture just because I was curious and it was not successful.

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  • Oh, I didn’t know that it could help with mice! I’m afraid to grow it in the beds because everyone says it’s so invasive. I just bought a plant but didn’t know you could grow it from cuttings. Besides, I wanted the mint to grow right now!

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