It’s That Time of Year Again!


It’s that time of year again, were I break out the bulb vases and start attempting to grow Paperwhites indoors. I did this for the first time last year. It’s so easy just use a small vase or bulb vase with a wide mouth and narrow neck. Fill with water so the base of the bulbs gets a little wet (but not too wet) and presto a beautiful flower in a few weeks. I find bulb vases at thrift stores all the time. I’m always tempted to buy more but my collection is already getting pretty big. You can also fill a shallow dish with a medium like pebbles and place the bulbs in the dish so they don’t get too wet.


I left the bulbs that I had planted in the ground last year and I’m already spotting patches of Grape Hyacinth and one or two Freesia foliage. I can’t believe it’s almost November. I need to plant some more Tulips and Daffodils for spring before it’s too late.

Grape Hyacinth






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