Fall Planting

Even though I am still harvesting wonderful summer vegetables such as peppers, cucumber and eggplant. My mind is looking forward to my winter garden with plenty of spinach, leafy greens, and garlic. Here is my agenda for fall.

Leafy Greens
1. Correnta Spinach- I experimented last year and this variety gave me nice leafy greens that were easy to germinate and slow to bolt.
2. Grand Rapids Tipburn Resistant: A curly leaf lettuce.
3. Marvel of Four Seasons: Great dark lettuce leafed lettuce.
4. Burpee Simpson Elite Lettuce: New I haven’t tried this variety but hey it was on sale last season for ten cents.
5. Mizuna Mustard: New, I thought it would be nice to try a new green. I’ll keep this one in a pot as it can spread and become evasive.

1. Cilantro- I would love to get a good crop of cilantro this year. We use it often in recipes and I hate paying for it at the grocery store.
2. Parsley: I have so many left over seeds from last year, I thought I might as well try again.
3. Thyme: My goal is to have enough fresh thyme growing for Thanksgiving. However, this is a very slow growing herb and I haven’t had the best luck with it.

Garlic: I’m not sure of which variety I want to try. I’ve heard good things about a variety called Music.
Shallots: New, I spotted these bulbs at the local nursery. Compared to onions, shallots are more expensive to buy but much easier to grow in the home garden.
Walla Walla Onions: These are divine and I must grow these on a regular basis. A nice, sweet yellow onion.
Red Amposta Onion: New, per my research this is one of the best red onions for seed flavor and large bulbs.
White Lisbon Scallion Bunching Onion: You can never have too many bunching onions. Easy to grow and they are used often in our kitchen.

Peas: While I’ve never been a huge fan of peas, I’ve been told it’s because I’ve never tried a fresh one from the garden. I settled on a dwarf variety called Little Marvel.

I also have seeds for Catalina Spinach, a small baby spinach, I think this variety is better suited for consistently colder climates. If anyone would be interested in trying it send me an e-mail. It’s very tasty but since I live in zone 9 and our winters are inconsistent, it’s not the best variety for me.

What about all of you, is there anything I should be planting this winter that I forgot?

Little Marvel Peas






8 responses to “Fall Planting”

  1. Daphne Avatar

    I’m guessing that your winter garden is similar to my fall garden in zone 6. Things that I included are broccoli, Chinese cabbage and carrots. I wish I could grow spinach like you do. I love spinach, but I have a street light near my garden and no matter the season the spinach always bolts too quickly.

  2. Julie Avatar

    Oh, wow…you are planting a lot of goodies! I am still deciding if I want to do anything at all…I’ve gotten so lazy, and it is still so hot here…but I need to remember that in another month it will be so nice being outside! You really have made me realize I would love to grow cilantro though…and I will! I cannot think of anything else you could grow. I loved when I grew brocolli though…it was so delicious! If you like that, you might try it!

  3. Karen Avatar

    That’s an incredible variety! So great that you will be harvesting throughout the winter and early spring, before starting your summer patch. Good luck with cilantro, I haven’t had success with that. It’s fun to grow shallots and onions, I love pulling them straight from the garden. Are you going to go with any asian veggies like bok choy or chinese broccoli? Those can be kind of fun, if you can find them. Good luck and happy growing!

  4. Sloane Avatar

    Great variety!! I am fall planting for the first time this year. The garden is full of kale, collards, swiss chard, bok choy, brussell sprouts, brocoli, savoy..green…red cabbages, arugula, green beans, yellow wax beans, radish, onions , sugar snaps, garlic, cilantro, and various lettuce mixes!
    I haven’t had much luck with cilantro until now….I let a plant go to seed this spring and they blew everywhere and it just grew up this fall!
    My husband hated peas, until I grew them. He’ll stand outside and eat the sugar snaps right off the vine! We also toss them in olive oil, galic salt and pepper and grill them! Yummy!

  5. Burgh Baby Avatar

    You are so ambitious! I wish I could do a winter garden, but it just isn’t in the cards in our climate. I will have to live vicariously through you.

  6. Jenny Avatar

    Carrots or beets? I don’t know how long they take to grow in the fall where you are, but it’s definitely root vegetable season around here.

  7. Hanna Avatar

    Hmm, if only we had another growing season here… I am planning on planting some fall-blooming saffron crocus so we can harvest them next year. if they ever get here….

  8. nkristis Avatar

    Daphne- that’s too bad about the Spinach. I might try carrots but they I heard they are a little tricky.

    Sloane- Your garden sounds amazing. What a fantastic mix. I’m looking forward to trying the peas since I’ve heard so many great things about them.

    Burgh Baby- that’s too bad.

    Jenny- Your garden makes me want to grow carrots. You make them sound so good.

    Hannah- Saffron sounds amazing, is it difficult to harvest?

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