Thrifty Finds and a Question

My grandmother had a crazy almost obsessive love of owls. Owls decorated almost every surface of her home. She had a whole china chest of various owl trinkets from her various travels. If you looked around the room you would spot a needlepoint pillow, a macrame pot holder and various other everyday items with owls. She would always be wearing a pendent or necklace with an owl. She thought they were good luck, wise, and peaceful. As a result I can’t help but smile when I see an owl nick knack at the thrift store. I was at a local thrift store recently when I spotted this 1970’s bright orange owl pot. At first I hesitated but when I saw it was on sale for 50 cents I couldn’t resist. I figured I could just paint it and put one of my office plants in it. Similar to what Cozy nest has done with some of her thrifty finds.

But now I’m not sure, for one thing that will be a lot of paint. On the other hand it’s near Halloween and the whole retro 1970’s look does have it’s charms. On the other hand it’s bright orange. What do you think? Keep it the way it is or try to make it stylish? and if so what color?







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  1. jill Avatar

    Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find your’s! Lots of great gardening pictures here. As for the owl, the orange is so cheery. But I do like the way Angie painted her owls white. Maybe he should stay orange until Halloween is over at least 🙂

  2. sassypriscilla Avatar

    Absolutely leave it. You will not regret it!

  3. Angie Avatar

    Great find, I love owls too. I would definitely use spray paint if I were you. I only used a couple coats on my owls. I kinda like that color for fall, but there is a nice variety of spray paint colors these days to match any decor. Good luck!

  4. Karen Avatar

    I like the orange. Not sure how big it is but maybe plant it with kind of spooky looking plants like black mondo grass or, if used indoors, maybe a crazy venus flytrap or something!?

  5. Katie Avatar

    My vote is to paint it brown. There are lots of space-aged spray paints out there that can stick to the finish no problem.

  6. Rayrena Avatar

    I LOVE the orange color. It looks like a deep rich orange and it suits him. The way his feathers overlap in the front kinda looks like the scales of a koi fish.

  7. Momisodes Avatar

    I have to agree with the others. I LOVE the orange. It looks very contemporary. What a great find 🙂

  8. themanicgardener Avatar

    I’m going with the orange, though it would depend in part on its size and on what you’re planning to plant in it. If the thing seems too dang orange, maybe some trailing plants would tone it down? Or does that just defeat the purpose?

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