Autumn Flowers

Fall officially started on September 23rd. This is one of my favorite seasons because it’s still warm and sunny during the day and then there is a pleasant cool down in the evenings. I still get to enjoy the summer vegetables of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and cucumber. But I also can safely start my winter garden of leafy greens, spinach and garlic. The other plants are taking notice as well. The fall chrysanthemums are in bloom with shades of orange, yellow, and white.


My tobacco plant has also made a reappearance with the cooler weather.


and my Dahlias are still going strong.







7 responses to “Autumn Flowers”

  1. Momisodes Avatar

    That’s a tobacco plant? It must not be the one I’m thinking of.

    Signs of fall are here in New England. All of my petunias are turning brown, and the foliage turning shades of orange, red and yellow.

  2. Katie Avatar

    I never got my Tobacco plants to bloom or grow for that matter! Oh well. Any tips on when to start them as seeds?

    You have the most lovely collection of Dahlias. Do you have to dig them up in the winter?

  3. walk2write Avatar

    Your flowers are beautiful. I bet the nicotiana (I assume that’s what you mean by tobacco plant) smells wonderful. My dad grew some years ago, and it had the most exquisite fragrance, not at all like you would think tobacco would smell.

  4. Julie Avatar

    Oh, your camera is just devinely wonderful! Great crisp, clear up-close photos! I need a camera just like yours!!!!!!! Your flowers are gorgeous! Nice colors.

  5. Ari (Baking and Books) Avatar

    I didn’t know tobacco plants produced flowers, much less such beautiful ones!

  6. nkristis Avatar

    Momisodes- Apparently this is a hybrid of the “smoking” tobacco and the ornamental variety. I haven’t tested out it’s other uses. 🙂 Fall in the New England sounds beautiful.

    Katie: I started mine around February/March. Two flowered and then died and the other keeps sending off a runner and growing a whole new plant. I think it prefers the spring/fall temperatures.
    Thanks about the Dahlias, the prior year I grew them in full sun and they didn’t do so well. I moved the rhizomes to a shady part of the yard and they have really flourished. I didn’t bother digging them up and storing over the winter. A few had slug damage but the rest were fine.

    Walktowrite: Your right it’s nicotiana, my seed packet calls it a Robert Johnson Tobacco plant. It doesn’t have a very strong smell however like the ones you described.

    Baking and Books: I didn’t realize it either until I received the seeds. They are nice low maintenance plant.

  7. amy Avatar

    oh what great photos!
    I cannot believe summer is over… so sad!

    ps: thanks for visiting my blog!

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