Last weekend we headed out to Scott Flat Lake in Nevada County. It’s just a short drive and we were able to take out our new sail boat for one of it’s first sails. While the lake is usually filled with campers the lake itself is never too crowded. It also gets a good amount of wind which is mandatory for a boat like ours. We were able to sail across the lake a few times and take it to private coves were we could swim and relax.


The second day we even took our two dogs. Maya, the golden retriever, was a natural on the water. She had no fear and couldn’t wait to go swimming. My dog is a little more cautious, he normally avoids water (sprinklers, baths) as much as possible. But I was quite surprised when Jack jumped right into the lake however he was very careful to never get his face wet. Maya on the other hand just couldn’t get enough of it. She was swimming laps and having a good old time.




Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!


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