UPDATE: Lemon Cucumber


Thanks to everyone who offered advice on my lemon cucumber. I decided to pick the lemon cucumber Sunday. It was still green but it had just started to turn yellow. The little thorns brushed off with ease. We peeled it, sliced it, and put it in a tomato salad. It tasted very similar to a cucumber however it was less tart. It was still crisp and delicious with the tomatoes. The plant itself is quite prolific it’s got at least 10 cucumbers growing on it. I think I’ll need to find a few new recipes soon for cucumbers soon.








6 responses to “UPDATE: Lemon Cucumber”

  1. Katie Avatar

    nom nom nom

    I don’t like cucumbers, but think I will grow this kind next year. So interesting!

  2. Nancy Bond Avatar

    Spectacular! Thanks for the review. 🙂

  3. Shala Avatar

    That is how we felt about the cucumber that we got at the farmer’s market. It was more crisp and less tart and we really liked it. I think that we are going to try these next year. We weren’t too good at the regular cucumbers.

  4. Jane Marie Avatar

    How interesting — lemon cucumbers? I’d love to try them!

  5. Barbee' Avatar

    I was given a few of those seeds years ago and was able to get two good bearing plants. The fruits were certainly a novelty, and we liked the flavor. I had forgotten about those, thank you for reminding me.

  6. […] cucumber plant died pretty early in the season so I bought the only cucumber plant I could find a lemon cucumber. I had better luck with this variety. But I didn’t think the flavor of the lemon cucumber was […]

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