Gardeners Challenge the Fail Addition

It’s almost September and I am going to give an update on my progress with this year’s gardeners challenge. I am going to talk about what didn’t work and then post separately what crops have been successful.

Herbs were a big disappointment this year. I think they didn’t like the hot weather temperatures or I overwatered them. Either way I killed off the following.


Parsley: This stubborn herb grew well initially but it took a very long time to germinate only to have it go to seed a few short months later. Verdict: I still have seeds so I may try this again once the weather cools down. But I won’t be growing this next spring.

Cilantro: This one is even trickier than parsley. It also took forever to germinate but it never really took off. It wilted almost immediately. Verdict: Will try again in the fall but won’t grow next year.

Oregano: This herb was a victim of over watering. A few tips to remember about oregano.
1. Always buy “Greek Oregano” as gardening stores will often swap oregano for it’s weaker cousin Marjoram.
2. When the leaves start to turn black at the bottom it’s a sign of over watering.
3. Like Basil cut the flowers before it goes to seed. Verdict: I am trying again and I bought a replacement plant.

Tarragon: I grew this herb early spring inside under grow lights. It grew great but again I think it was a victim of overwatering. I attempted to grow again outside but they didn’t germinate. Verdict: As this isn’t an herb we use often I won’t try growing it again.

Lavender: Lavender is notoriously difficult to grow from seed. I managed to grow one plant last year. Unfortunately the dry,hot summer go the best of it and I had to get rid of it. Apparently, it’s better and easier to grow lavender from cuttings. Verdict: Will try cuttings or buy a small plant in the future.


Cucumber: For the second year in a row I am a complete failure with the English Cucumber. Last year we had a small vine that produced inedible small deformed cucumbers. This year we managed to get one cucumber only to have the plant wilt away practically over night. Verdict: Will probably grow cucumbers next year however I am going to grow it in a pot. We use an irrigation system but I suspect that water doesn’t distribute evenly and this caused the roots to rot.






3 responses to “Gardeners Challenge the Fail Addition”

  1. Sheila Avatar

    Parsley and cilantro are cool season herbs that will bolt as soon as the weather warms up. Lavender is fairly easy to grow from cuttings, I did about 20 one-gallon plants for a project from cuttings years ago and all 20 plants survived.

  2. TNL-Ellie Avatar

    My herbs did well. I did some companion planting. Lemon Thyme, Lemon Basil and Sweet Basil together, Parsley and Cilantro together but indoors where it’s cooler. Chives alone. Try some companion gardening with flowers and other things that love one another.

  3. Simon Dvorak Avatar
    Simon Dvorak

    Maybe we will have some luck growing a bit of parsley and cilantro now that it is beginning to cool off….

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