Little Bouquets

I’ve been trying to bring the colors of the garden indoors. Here a mix of the little bouquets I’ve created.

Bachelor Buttons and Calendula

Purple Roses and Carnations: Homegrown carnations are nothing like store bought. They smell spicy like cloves.


Calendula and Mums: I bought this plant for a dollar at the end of fall. I was just a puny little plant without any flowers. Now it’s a huge bush with these gorgeous orange flowers.


4 thoughts on “Little Bouquets”

  • These are lovely. I’m also a fan of the small-scale bouquet, often because I don’t have enough flowers for a big one. Since I do mostly vegetable gardening, flowers are largely confined to borders, and I certainly don’t want to pick them all. Hence the small bouquets. This year is the first I’ve picked iris and columbine. The borders are growing.

  • I love the color combinations, especially with the bachelor’s buttons and the calendula. Is that rose Angel Face? If so, it must smell heavenly! ;>)

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