The majority of the basil I planted in late spring has bolted. I’d be sad if it it wasn’t so pretty. It also gives me an excuse to plant some more. I’m also trying to find some good Thai Basil recipes. I want to be able to use it before it bolts. I was thinking of using it in a Thai fried rice recipe. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

Purple Siam Basil – used in salads, grows pretty purple leaves with lovely pink flowers.


Sweet Basil- the classic must have for every garden. It’s used in numerous recipes including pesto.







5 responses to “Basil”

  1. Katie Avatar

    All of my basil has bolted too. And it tastes AWFUL. Like licorice. I think I need to try another kind.

    Interested in sharing any of that Purple Siam seed? I’ve got lots to swap listed over at

  2. Jane Marie Avatar

    What happened? My basil never got a start! I needed some for a recipe and had to buy a plant at the grocery store. I hate doing that.

  3. Daphne Gould Avatar

    I’m hoping you get recipes. I have Thai basil in my garden for the first time. I can easily make something up, but I’d love ideas.

  4. nkristis Avatar

    Kate- Sure, I have a folia account but for some reason it won’t load my pictures. I liked the purple basil as a garnish and an ornamental. It does have an anise taste to it.

    Jane Marie- I hate that, I cringe now when I have to buy cilantro or parsely because mine failed to grow. Basil was probably my most successful herb. The thyme, sage, and oregano or growing at a snails pace.

  5. Nancy Bond Avatar

    I’ve never seen the purple Siam basil before (I don’t get out much!) — it’s very pretty just as it is. Does it taste much the same as sweet basil?

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