I’m Back! Gardening Challenge Update

Hello, we are back from a wonderful vacation in Oregon and Washington. It was a good trip but I was happy to come home. The plants flourished while we were away. Tragically the lettuce bolted after the extreme triple digit heat. We have been making lots of salads out of the remaining lettuce. The salad was made even better by our first cucumber of the summer.
We are also just days away from our first tomato. Interestingly, the “Nicholson Yellow Cherry Tomato” from wintersown is not yellow but red.
Last month’s heat wave may have killed my lettuce but my pepper plants are thriving. It grew three times it’s size while we were gone and it starting to grow flowers.
The Mammoth Sunflowers are growing taller as well. It’s already outgrown the eight foot fence.






3 responses to “I’m Back! Gardening Challenge Update”

  1. Sandy (Momisodes) Avatar

    Welcome back! I love getting that first night of rest back in my normal bed after a long trip 🙂

    WOW your sunflowers have grown! And those cucumbers look so crisp and refreshing.

  2. Shala Avatar

    Those cucumbers made my mouth water. They look delicious! We have some sunflower seeds that we have got to get in the ground. I’m glad that we have a long growing season here since we are a little behind.

  3. Jenny Avatar

    Beautiful! The lettuce was probably worth all that progress, right?

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