Return of the Evil Squirrel


I’ve been witnessing a strange phenomena every morning one of my potted plants has been dug up as if something was burrowing around the top of the plant. I suspect that this is the work of the evil squirrel and that he’s searching for new bulbs. Ironically, there is the start of a delicious new cucumber growing not far from these pots. Not to mention Chard, lettuce, and other edible treats. But for some reason he’s choosing to dig around my parsley and cilantro plants.







One response to “Return of the Evil Squirrel”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    I had something persistently dig through my mint pot all last summer. I figured it was a cat because they hang around my porch, but it might have been a squirrel–in which case I can only agree they have strange taste. And hooray for your cucumber!

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