I keep forgetting to try these on a salad. They are still growing like crazy even after my dog knocked it out of it’s pot twice. I need to plant more of these along with more herbs.







7 responses to “Nasturtium”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    Your pictures are enough to make me take up flower gardening. I mean, I’m trying it in a desultory sort of way already, but I mean put serious effort into it. 🙂 I never put nasturtiums in my salads either, but I did nibble on them last year while working in the garden. Kind of radish-y.

  2. Sandy (Momisodes) Avatar

    They’re still looking great! Despite being knocked over 🙂 Taste them soon!

  3. Priscilla Avatar

    Beautiful blooms. I would like to try some edible flowers. Never have but really I should right?

  4. Julie Avatar

    I could not click into your “continue reading” area. These flowers are amazing…what are they? They look quite tropical, but yet I don’t think I have seen them in south florida! I want some, gosh darn it!!!

  5. Julie Avatar

    OH…LOL…I see in the photo…these are Nasturtium flowers! They are really gorgeous!!!

  6. Julie Avatar

    Well, I have something growing around in yards and gardens all over my county, and we thought it might be nasturtium, but now I have found out it is probably dollarweed! It has small pink/purple blooms! I would like to try and grow naturtiums…it would be a fun experiment to try all kinds!
    Thanks! Julie

  7. nkristis Avatar

    Thanks everyone.

    Jenny: Thank you that’s quite a compliment.

    Priscilla and Sandy: I did finally put them in a salad and they did have a peppery taste. It was quite nice.
    Apparently Violas and orchids are edible as well.

    Julie: You should try to grow them they are pretty hardy.

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