Gardening Challenge Update

It was absolutely gorgeous this weekend. It was hot and sunny and perfect for being outdoors. I took advantage of the spring weather and caught up on some of my gardening projects.
I have managed to dwindle my thirty-two tomato plants down to eight. I gave the majority of the extra plants away to friends, family, and coworkers. I was so happy to finally plant my six favorite plants in the backyard. I am planting Speckled Roma, Green Zebra, Yellow Cherry, Italian Market Wonder, Purple Cherokee and Brandywine. They are huge and if you look closely some of them are already developing some flowers.


I am also growing two additional vegetables, Eggplant and Cucumber. The cucumber already looks better than last year. Last year’s cucumber was a complete failure the few fruit I had were small and deformed.


My leafy greens are also doing well. I recommend the Correnta spinach as it keeps growing and it doesn’t show any signs of bolting. I also started Black Seeded Simpson lettuce and more Four Seasons Lettuce. I should have a big summer salad in no time. I am especially excited about the Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce as it is a loose leaf lettuce that will continue to produce more leaves.



Ofcourse you can’t have a garden without Basil. I can’t wait to have some fresh pesto. This is the one project I wasn’t able to finish. I have so many basil plants I’m not quite sure where I should put them. I managed to plant a few in the ground and now I’m trying to figure out where else I can place them.


11 thoughts on “Gardening Challenge Update”

  • I agree, it all looks so wonderful! I doubt I’ll have the time to plant a garden this year and it makes me sad. Top it off with the fact that summer won’t begin here until, hmmmm, August, and that makes for not a lot of time to garden.

    The basil looks scrumptious! I adore making fresh basil too!

  • There’s nothing like a home grown tomato to spoil you away from supermarket ones. You’re gonna have some great blt fixin’s 🙂

  • Wow you are starting early on your veggie garden. I am in Redding and we had frost here last night. My brother lives in Davis and is a big tomato grower too! We usually wait till the first of April to plant here in Redding. I enjoyed seeing your pictures!

  • Oh my gosh- I’m in awe of your fabbo green fingers!
    Thanks for commenting over on my window box- I love those boxes too, I have a load of them as bookcases stacked at teh back of my desk. I’m just venturing into the outdoors with them…

  • Thanks everybody!

    Andrea: That’s too bad, hopefully you get a break from the cold weather soon.

    Jenny: Thanks, I think the purple is pretty too but it’s starting to struggle since I planted it. I’m not sure what to do with it.

    Lotus: I agree now that I’ve had homegrown tomatoes I can’t go back.

    Cindee: Redding certainly gets some wild and crazy weather. It’s been really tame here so I started a few weeks early. I think our last frost date is mid-March but we havn’t had a frost in a while.

    Thanks Kirsty and Elaine!

  • The wife & I planted basil this year and ours looks very similar to that. We are going to plant a lot throughout our patio also to keep mosquitoes out!

    Also – great pictures and we love your blog.

  • Thanks James it’s great to hear from you. A porch full of basil sounds amazing. It must smell great. I didn’t realize that it keeps the mosquitos away now I like it even more.

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