Sunflowers Project


It was 82 degrees yesterday and it’s only March. I think we are in for a long hot summer. I did manage to get some planting in this weekend. The sunflowers have outgrown their pots and are now in the ground. I planted them in a sunny spot in the front yard. They don’t look like much but if all goes right these guys will be huge in a few months. Jenny from Seeded grew these last year and they grew taller than her garage roof.







7 responses to “Sunflowers Project”

  1. Sabina Avatar

    I myself am in the midst of planting as well – those sunflower plants look amazing for March!!

  2. Joy Avatar

    Wow ! you guys are so lucky !
    I have a few different sunflower seeds that will still be waiting a long time to go into the ground .. but watching others take off is fun too !
    Good Luck !

  3. Nancy Bond Avatar

    Those are pretty impressive plants! I get a few sunflowers every year from stray bird seed that falls into last year’s pots — I never have the heart to pull them out. 🙂

  4. Jenny Avatar

    Those look beautiful. They’ll be terrorizing your yard in no time. 🙂

  5. nkristis Avatar

    Thanks everyone, they should get lots of that needed sun, space and water in those spots. I’m hoping we have huge bursts of colors in the summer.

  6. Joseph Wright Avatar

    a good bird seed is of course Sunflower seeds, birds like them coz they are tasty*.`

  7. Faith Foster Avatar

    we use mixed nuts as bird seeds when we are feeding our pet birds:*.

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